About Us

Mr. Christopher Ruckdeschel is a Catholic husband and father of five children. He teaches in the New York State public school system where he has taught AP English Literature, AP English Language, college Philosophy, college Psychology, AP Latin: Catullus and Cicero and AP Latin: Vergil, as well as at a local community college, where he has taught English composition and Philosophy.  Mr. Ruckdeschel has bachelor of arts degrees in Secondary Education English and Psychology from SUNY: New Paltz. He also holds a Master’s degree in Education from Mt. St. Mary’s College. He worked as a helper in the Classical Liberal Arts Academy under the direction of William Michael from 2010 – 2016.

Mr. Ruckdeschel founded SAL.  He primarily teaches all Latin language coursework including the Latin Humanities courses and the Live Latin classes. In addition, he teaches all Quadrivium courses.  He works with Fr. Tveit on the Greek language courses.

Fr. Jon Tveit is a priest of the Archdiocese of New York. Fr. Tveit has a bachelor of arts degree from Boston College, where he studied linguistics and philosophy. He holds the degrees of master of arts in theology, master of divinity, and bachelor of sacred theology, all from his time at St. Joseph’s Seminary in Yonkers, New York.

Fr. Tveit primarily teaches the Isagoge Porphyrii logic course.  He also is developing the Greek language courses.

Mr. Shane Haselbarth is a Catholic husband and father of eight children, and works as a lawyer in Philadelphia. He has a bachelor of arts degree from Franciscan University of Steubenville and a law degree from Ave Maria School of Law (then in Ann Arbor, Michigan).

Mr. Haselbarth works with Mr. Ruckdeschel to develop coursework for Latin Writing I.  He also edits certain course texts.


“Our family loves the SAL.  I am confident that my children are learning the valuable, unchanging truths of a genuine classical liberal arts education, as close to what was studied by the greatest saints and doctors of the church as is available in modern times.  My children love the program because, while it is challenging, they are encouraged every step of the way with prompt feedback on assignments and live online classes that allow them to engage with instructors and other students and make steady progress in their studies.”

– a homeschool mother